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'to heal a people' book now on sale!

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I am...


Author - Keynote Speaker - Performance Coach

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I am...

a Visionary

As an author, speaker, and performance coach, Hasira guides individuals and organizations through his patented Four Rings of Healing, to create healthier relationships with our Selves, Others, our True Purpose, and our Communities. He speaks about healing pathways for addressing intergenerational trauma, including offering a crystal clear analysis and guidance on how to heal from the historical divisions that impact each of us and our own wellness.  

I am...

transforming systems

Hasira leads organizational transformation, guiding leadership and staff to make meaningful, authentic commitments to transforming systems, and then he works alongside them every step of the way to make that commitment a reality.

RRI Consulting offers a journey from Truth-to-Transformation© through executive sessions, staff retreats, trainings, affinity spaces, and strategic program planning, all done with a unique, fresh and strategic DEI expertise to systems change. 

I am...

healing a people

Hasira is creating positive change for health and wellness across our communities, beginning with personal and communal healing.  Founder of the To Heal a People movement,  communities across the country participate in transformational health retreats and  wellness challenges led by Hasira.  He is immersed in the inspired work of  building systems for health equity, reconnecting people with people-of-culture wellness practices including access to a network of afro-indigenous trauma informed holistic wellness practitioners. 

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A love letter to our people

"Why is so much human potential actually being lost and why are many of the world's issues being compounded although we have all the necessary human resources to solve them?

Currently we are dead smack in the middle of a system and process that is wasting the world's greatest resource, human potential." -excerpt from 'To Heal A People'

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"There is no going back, no putting this work on hold.  You can’t go through what we’ve all been through in the learning journey with Hasira and his team at RRI and turn this off."

Frank Daidone, CEO at Nurse-Family Partnership

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