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Together, We rise

Hasira's philosophy is that  true liberation and social justice can only be achieved through a healing justice approach- and this all begins with re-educating ourselves to understand the root cause of that which makes us unwell.

About Hasira

Hasira Soul Ashemu is a living legacy from a bloodline of Healers and Community Organizers. He envisioned the movement To Heal a People based on his time traveling the world, and raising his family in Ghana, as a way for people to connect with People-of-Culture wisdom, practices, and spirituality. 

He inspires transformation from the inside-out by reintroducing People-of-Culture to the success sciences and human potential practices, making manifesting change and healing mind, body, and soul, more accessible to a wider-range of the world's population.

He has engaged with thousands of people through keynote speaking, executive and community coaching, and facilitating learning journeys at the individual, community, national and international levels. He has worked with hundreds of nonprofits, corporations, governmental agencies, and public institutions across the US and five African nations. Now, he has released a widely anticipated book to share his personal experiences and what he has learned with others interested in a lifestyle of personal liberation. 

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full bio

Hasira Soul Ashemu is the Founder of Righteous Rage Institute for Healing Justice (RRI), RRI Consulting, and author of the book To Heal a People, which is a manifesto, memoir, and manual for reconnecting with afro-indigenous healing practices. 

Hasira has traveled the world spending a decade in Africa raising his family in Ghana and connecting deeply with Afro-Indigenous wisdom, practices, and spirituality. He is on a mission To Heal a People, and is a prolific writer, speaker, coach, facilitator, media and  communications professional and now, author, with the release of his widely anticipated book.

Born and raised in Northeast Denver, CO, Hasira is an East Angel High School graduate and attended Howard University “The Mecca ''. Hasira is a living legacy from a bloodline of Community Organizers; historically leading movements to now mentoring and coaching an intergeneration of leaders using a theory of change that transformational social change begins with individual transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

After his second dance with cancer, Hasira started an institute for afro-indigenous healing and justice, based on his life’s journey and desire to share the healing practices that he learned along the way with his people. Hasira has been using his talents, experience and skills to create and support initiatives that build new systems for health, education, and economic wellness grounded in equity and Afro-Indigenous cultural wealth. He established RRI to provide this knowledge and healing experiences to Black and Brown people free of cost, as part of a commitment of returning this ancestral knowledge back to the people it truly belongs to. 

The name Hasira translates to Righteous Rage. In his book, Hasira explains the story of how he came into the world as a result of his pregnant mother being violently beaten by the police. RIGHTEOUS is defined as concerned with principles of right and wrong and elevating to standards of behavior and character based those principles. RAGE is defined as uncontrollable anger, which often is bred from the overwhelming anger and indignation of the unfair, dehumanizing, and debilitating treatment of people of color in this country and around the world. 

The name Righteous Rage reminds us to heed and honor our ancestors’ voices, recognizing that we are a righteous people, born bold and called to be purpose-driven leaders and creators of our own lives and of the world, with historical legacies enacting pathways of action and freedom. By pairing Righteousness with the rage that we feel towards the oppressive systems, we are calling for Afro-indigenous People of Color to transform the energy derived from RAGE that has been invoked from our 500-year history of pain, loss and colonization and transmute it to energy needed to self-determine and create the reality we want to see.

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