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It all begins with a willingness to do the 'werk' our Selves: dive into Hasira's newly published book to answer the question- what does it take to Heal a People?  


About the book:

The deep cultural wealth and wisdom within Afro-Indigenous culture dates back thousands of years and provides us the frameworks and guidance needed today To Heal a People. However, the ongoing brutality, trauma, cultural theft and erasure has created long-lasting harm over our generations and thus impacting us individually and collectively today. There has still never been a moment in our history where the trauma of these individual and collective wounds have been systemically and/or methodically addressed, repaired and transmuted so we can effectively move forward as a whole and healed people.


To Heal A People is most importantly about creating a liberatory framework for personal, communal and universal freedom. In it, we seek to decolonize the self-help, success science, human potential genres, by providing a pragmatic yet culturally inspired and informed approach to manifesting our highest desires.


About the Author:

Hasira "Soul" Ashemu is a published writer, prolific speaker, facilitator, social justice organizer, and Adjunct Professor with the University of Denver. He is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Righteous Rage Institute for Healing and Social Justice, a son, father, brother, partner and community coach.

To Heal A People- Paperback Edition

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